Paulding10NewQuest Investment Company utilizes a proactive, comprehensive approach across the investment lifecycle to maximize investor returns. We utilize submarket/site specific analysis in identifying underlying property dynamics and value-add opportunities and take a hands-on, proactive management approach to maximize operating potential. This involves:

  • Utilizing best-in-class, local leasing and management while maintaining tight controls over strategy, key documents and cash.
  • Employing no legacy, internal property management or leasing teams that are not the best fit for a particular property or submarket.
  • Maintaining key national relationships with retailers and industry contacts

Prospect Identification

To prioritize acquisition candidates, the team identifies and targets off-market and marketed deals and leverages a wide range of origination sources including:

  • Personal Owner Relationships
  • Broker Network
  • Retailer Relationships
  • Market Research
  • Lender Contacts
  • National Conferences
  • Financial Partners

Due Diligence / Closing

To ensure solid property acquisition, the team provides detailed lease and operating underwriting; utilizes market research consultants; interviews tenants, managers and leasing; handles environmental, engineering and regulatory reviews; and quantifies and qualifies value-add opportunities.

Value-Added Operations

To successfully increase and stabilize returns, NewQuest Investment Company maintains responsibility for all major decisions and negotiations, including:

  • Asset management
  • Leasing efforts/retailer contacts
  • Financing
  • Renovation project management

We secure strong local property management and leasing teams and execute value-add strategies.


To maximize property disposition, NewQuest Investment Company:

  • Determines appropriate selling strategy. This may include direct marketing, listing through a national or regional firm or selling through a bid process
  • Negotiate terms of sale to maximize sales proceeds

NewQuest Investment Company provides direct, active management of the entire investment lifecycle.

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